Repairing A Ripped Keen Sandal – Will It Work?

It looks like my fat foot has blown out the side of my sandals again. Do I need to replace them, or is there something I can do to repair it?  Welcome to The Hippie Geeks! If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment below!

I love my Keen sandals. They are tough, waterproof and fit my wide flat feet like few other sandals do. However, I only own one pair of shoes at a time and I wear them every day from the time I buy them until the day they die and get replaced. I am hard on sandals, and I have gotten about a year of use out of the last three pairs, but they have all failed at this point. On the right sandal, this strap rips. Every year, this has been the reason that I have to replace my sandals.

Not this year. There is nothing else wrong with these sandals, other than that one ripped strap. What is a boy to do in this situation? Grab some Amazing Goop and get to work is what. There is no real secret in how this is going to go, pretty much get glue on both sides of the tear and push it together until it holds. I have tried smoothing it out on both sides, on the outside so that it doesn’t look like crap, and on the inside so that it doesn’t rub my foot raw. I held it in place for a couple of minutes until it gelled enough to hold itself in place then walked away.

Like magic, here is the sandal the next day. I should have given it a full 24 hours to cure before wearing the sandal again, but this is my only pair of shoes and I needed to ride my bike to work. It looks pretty good, the outside isn’t too ugly, and the inside is fairly smooth. It’s not perfect though, and I am hoping that my foot will be able to rub it smooth without causing blisters, only time will tell.

More magic, and another two weeks have passed. I have been bicycling to work, fixing cars, doing yardwork and everything else that has needed to happen. The inside has smoothed out and I can’t even feel the repair anymore. I am going to label this as a complete success, though I may add another layer on the outside just to reinforce it as summer approaches. I do not know if this is going to give me another year of use out of this pair, but I am hopeful it will.

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