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The first video on our channel was how to repair a screen door, specifically this screen door. Unfortunately my repair only lasted a week before the same dog blasted thru the repair. I managed to bring it back from the dead for another week, and then our lab Sophie decided to destroy it permanently. This all happened in the fall, so I just took it down and decided to deal with it in the spring.

Spring has finally arrived in Oregon and we want to start leaving the back door open again. Our options were to go buy a new sliding screen door for sixty dollars, or try out one of these magnetic screen doors for around eighteen. To say our back door is busy in the spring, summer and fall is a pretty large understatement. The boys are constantly coming and going on their way to the trampoline or the pond to look at the tadpoles and we are going in and out for the garden, bees and chickens. We made the sliding door work, but it was constantly in use and when the boys are in a rush it can be a challenge getting them to close it all the way. Not only are we trying to avoid house flies and wasps, but our honey bees have a bad habit of getting into the house as well.

Amazingly, the package comes with everything you will need for a typical install. The screen itself is made of two, 19.5″ wide panels connected at the top. It comes with twelve, three inch long sets of Velcro with adhesive that you can use on hard surfaces like plastic, glass and metal, along with several thumbtacks that can be used on wood. The instructions state that you should start by applying the Velcro to the middle of the two panels and place the center of the door first, but in my particular application I needed the left corner to line up with the corner of the door so that is where I started. Wherever you start, get the Velcro installed along the top first.

I moved over to the left side and secured it along the edge of the door, then moved over to the right side. You do not want to stretch the screen super tight while you do this, as the magnets will not be able to hold together if it is too tight. Don't get to caught up in making sure that it is secured at the exact location you need with the Velcro, as you can easily adjust it later due to the nature of Velcro. I had it fully installed and adjusted in about ten minutes. It took me longer to get ready to install the screen than it did to actually get it up there, which was quite a surprise.

We have had it installed for about a week, and so far I can say that it is OK. I am not going to say amazing or perfect, but it is decent. It has a lot of positives. It was cheap and installed easily. I dont have to worry about the dogs or the boys running into it and destroying it, which is pretty great. It appears to be fairly well built, but only time will tell on that point. There are only a couple of negatives, but they are worth talking about. Looks wise, Lindsay hates it. Where the two halves connect is a thick black bar and the mesh material has a wavy pattern to it that obscures the view of the garden and fire pit, which she doesnt like. On the usability side it is easy to walk thru, but as the top is secured at all times it can be a pain to move anything large thru the door. You can get around it by pulling it down, but that is not something that you have to worry about with a sliding screen door.

For now, it will be great. Down the road if it doesnt work out, we will just get a sliding door and hope that the dogs don't destroy it. For now however we will give this a try, and come back with an update in six months to see how it has held up. Have any of you folks ever tried out one of these screens? I am really curious about their viability long term and would love to hear about your experiences.

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