Turning Off The Maintenance Required Light In A 2001 Honda Odyssey

Any time an indicator light shows up on your dash, it is typically not a good thing. Our 2001 Honda Odyssey recently had the maintenance required light come on. The first time this happened, our ACTUAL check engine light had never come on, which is what I thought it was. However, like most newer cars the van has an actual Check Engine light that tells you there is something actually wrong and to check your codes, but they also have a light like this that is really just there to scare you into taking your car into the dealership. It is typically triggered at certain mile numbers, in this case it happened when we hit 175,000 miles.

So what do you do? Well it differs for each car, but just look it up online and go thru whichever procedure you find. For a 2001 Honda Odyssey, it is actually pretty easy to clear and can be done in about thirty seconds. With the key switched off, push in the reset switch for the odometer and hold it in. While you are still pusing in the trip switch, turn the ignition key to the on position so that all of the indicator lights come on. After about fifteen seconds the Maintenance Required light will go out, and you are done! Start the van to make sure that it is actually out, and then pat yourself on the back for not rushing to the dealership and getting talked into major service expenses.

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