Grow Light Review – CF Grow Cree High Intensity 100W Full Spectrum COB LED

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In the winter, we like to have a grow light going over some of the more light hungry house plant that we keep. Our house can be pretty dark in the winter months, and having a grow light going really helps them out. The last LED Grow Light that we had been using there burnt out a couple of weeks ago, and to replace it we chose this Cree High Intensity 100 Watt COB LED grow light made by CF Grow.

We have bought several of the much cheaper LED grow lights over the years, and they all tend to start burning out after a year or so of use. This time around we wanted to try something made with better components, and when we came across this light it really seemed to fit the bill and had great reviews, so we took the plunge and ordered the light, wondering what we were going to get.

We are happy to say that this light has the best construction of the grow lights we have bought. The body is all metal, the glass lens looks great and the cooling fan is nice and quiet. The inclusion of a power switch is something that is often cut from the cheaper lights, and you would be surprised how much you miss it when it isn’t there. Looking at the rest of the components it really is built to last, it is especially nice to see the Meanwell driver powering the CREE COB LED. Although for now it is going to be used in our grow tent as we are getting all of our seedlings started, I wanted to get it set up in the place that it will be used the most over the winters, giving light to the plants I talked about earlier.

Opening up the box that it comes in you can see that it is well packaged, with fitted foam on both the top and the bottom. That is important with a light like this that has a glass lens sticking out from the bottom. I attached the included hooks and wires to the back, hung it up and got it plugged in. With the light on and plants under it, the light spread looks great. At the distances we have it at, it will cover all of the plants nicely, and with a 3500k color temperature it isn’t going to make our eyes feel like they are getting burnt out of our skulls.

So far, it is doing spectacularly. We have it hung up in the grow tent now over the fresh seedlings, covering a dead spot we had between our other grow lights. It runs quiet and seems to be doing a great job keeping itself cool with its single fan. After hooking it up to our Kill-A-Watt, we can see that is pulling the advertised amount of power out of the wall at 58 watts. These CREE COB LEDS are supposed to be very efficient, and seeing how much light it is putting out for the amount of power it is pulling I completely believe it.

The real test will be how this does over time, and I will revisit my review as time goes on to update everyone on its longevity. So far though we are thrilled, and it is a great addition to our stable of grow lights. If this one holds up, I could definitely see up picking up some of there more expensive lights to replace our old cheap ones as they die, which they have unfortunately been doing.

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