Macaw Bluetooth Headset – Is It Worth It?

The MacaW Wireless Neckband is a comfortable, portable set of Bluetooth headphones with a great battery life. They claim to have an eight-hour play time on a full charge, and that is just about exactly what I ended up with. I use them mostly at work, so a long battery life is important to me. They also claim a 33-foot range, which seems about right after walking around the building.

The packaging is by far the nicest that I have ever had a pair of headphones come in. There is a cover sheet with their name covering a very nice foam block that holds the actual headphones. Underneath that there is a very nice carrying pouch for when you are not using them, and a box that has the instructions and a USB cable so that you can charge them. It is a typical micro USB plug which matches my phone, so I don’t have to worry about having another adapter.

On the headphones there are a couple of controls. The power button is in the center, with a volume up and volume down button on either side of it. To set there up for the first time, push and hold the power button. Keep holding it even after the headphones turn on, this is what allows them to pair with your phone or tablet. Once the indicator LED starts flashing rapidly, continue holding the button and search for Bluetooth devices on your phone. Tell it to pair, and you are ready to go.

I have used them for the last week or so and have been very happy with them. The sound is clear, not too high but also not filled with a bunch of muddy bass. I have not had a pair of headphones with this particular shape, but they were comfortable for long listening sessions. When using it as a headset I could hear the other person clearly, and they are able to hear me, not much else I could ask for there.

All in all, I have no complaints about these. If you are looking for an affordable set of Bluetooth headphones with a great battery life, excellent sound and a one-year warranty you should give the MacaW Wireless Neckband a chance. If you are interested in trying these out for yourself, click on the Amazon Affiliate link in the description below to pick them up.

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