What Happens Once Your Garbage Is On The Curb? — Security Camera Footage

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Last week the kids were woken up by noises out in front of the house, and while they weren’t worried enough to wake us, they did tell us the next day. After digging thru the security camera recording, we came across this twenty-minute bit of footage. Now, I have seen these folks before and they are pretty obviously just looking for aluminum cans in the recycle bins and garbage.

Personally, I don’t like people going thru our garbage. We have walked out there in the morning to find a damn mess where someone has just pulled out things and left them on the ground. However, the garbage pickup has come extremely early before, and I am not willing to try to time it just right to get the garbage put out in time but not so early that this can happen.

With that said, I understand why it is happening, Oregon has a 10 cent per can deposit, and that can add up quickly. We return all of our cans though, so it is useless for them to be searching in our recycle bin. However the reason that I want to bring this up is that your garbage isn’t safe. Anything you throw away is available for anyone that wants to take the time to dig thru your trash.

Prescriptions, legal notices, anything with identifying information should be shredded and torn before you put it in your garbage. Am I being paranoid? Possibly. Then again, I have seen folks going thru our garbage nearly every week. People are looking, and I have no control over what they do with what they find. However, I can control what goes into the garbage.

Food for thought.

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