Spider Farmer SF-1000 Review 2020 :: Amazing Grow Light For Small Spaces

All of the Spider Farmer lights were updated for 2020, and we are going to be looking at one of their smaller lights today, the SF-1000. It measures a little under a foot on each side and only a couple of inches thick. Let’s get it opened up and see what comes in the package.

It is just as securely packed as all of their lights have been, with sturdy cardboard on the outside and plenty of foam holding it all securely together. It comes with their grow manual like the rest of the lights, and once you pull off the top layer you can see the light itself. It is bult just as solidly as the SF-2000 and SF-4000 that we previously reviewed, it is just smaller. It comes with a package of hanging hardware which is a nice touch, and also with one of their communication cables, which is new for the 2020 revisions of these lights.

When you flip it over, that is where you see all of the new improvements. They have finally added an easily accessible dimmer dial which can change the output anywhere from 100 watts on the high end, all the way down to a six-watt minimum. There is also an on/off switch, and the ports that the new communication cable goes into. This gives you the ability to control up to three lights with one set of controls. If that is something that you are interested in check out next weeks video where we will be reviewing the 2020 version of the SF-2000 and chaining it together with this SF-1000.

It is hard to show how the dimming works with my camera, as it will always automatically adjust itself to different brightness levels, but you can see it working here. It goes from very bright at the full 100 watts, down to fairly dim at the minimum six watts. Having an on/off switch s also a nice touch now, so that you don’t need to unplug it to get it switched off. With that out of the way, lets get to what you actually care about, the numbers.

I set this light up in the same Spider Farmer 2’x4’ grow tent that we just harvested out of, and if you haven’t seen that grow series yet we will put a link to it up in the corner and in the description down below. This tent is too large for this light, it would be much better suited in their smaller 2’x2; grow tent, but this will work fine for measuring the output levels.

12″ Hanging Height
18″ Hanging height
24″ Hanging Height
36″ Hanging Height

So how do I feel about the Spider Farmer SF-1000 grow light? I think that it is great as long as you are using it the way it is intended. Obviously, this is too small of a light in the 2’x4’ grow tent itself. In a smaller tent it would be great, but with the new ability to chain them together this opens up a lot of possibilities. Maybe you can only afford a tent and a single light to get you going, but you plan to upgrade later. This will easily allow that to happen.

I loved growing in the 2’x4’ grow tent with the single SF-2000 light. You know what would have been better though? Adding in another light, either the SF-1000 or another SF-2000 depending on what you can afford. We will be covering that in next weeks video where we chain them together, so make sure to keep your eyes open for that video when it goes live.

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