Spider Farmer SF-2000 Harvest Update

Life hasn’t been easy during this grow, but we have finally made it to harvest. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks, lets dig into this grow update.

We started this grow all the way back in the middle of December 2019. We were planning on doing 8 weeks of veg followed by 8 weeks of flower. However, right at the end of our veg time Lindsay survived another pulmonary embolism, and everything went into survival mode. Flipping to flower got pushed back by weeks, we never got our second layer of support on the plants and we just kept everything alive as best we could. We have finally reached harvest though, so let’s take a look in there and talk about the Spider Farmer SF-2000 sponsorship that started off this grow series.

Yes, these plants should have had another layer of support. I tied things up as best I could towards the end, but it got messy as the ladies put on their final bulk at the end of the grow. All of the plants have a great fade happening, and the hollow stalks tell us that we are at the perfect time to harvest.

Looking at some of the plants close up, and they are fantastic. The plants on the far left under the white light are the ones that we were running under the SF-2000 and they have by far the nicest buds. This blue fire is super dense, has great trichome levels and smells fantastic. We had a lot of decent plants in the tent, but the two under the SF-2000 are by far the best of them.

We started harvest in the left corner, and it takes us about an hour to process a plant this size. We have gotten asked before if we wet trim or dry trim, and we do something in the middle. As we harvest, we cut off everything that doesn’t have trichomes on it. Any remaining big leaves get cut off, any extra stem and any tiny buds that didn’t develop get removed. The branches that are left get hung up in the garage for a week, before getting transferred to rubbermade totes for another 2 weeks while they continue curing. We do not go directly into jars, as we find that gives mold a higher chance of taking over. The rubbermade totes are not quite airtight, so they allow it to air out a bit in between burping the bins. After a couple weeks of this, we will do our final trim and get everything put into mason jars. The trim is saved aside, and we use dry ice to get the trichomes off later to make khief.

Overall, the harvest took right around 12 hours, and I am glad to have it behind us. Here are a couple of pictures of the plants that were under the SF-2000, the first one is Blue Fire, I really like the structure on this plant. You can see the brown leaves that were left on the plant when we hung it up, those will get trimmed off right before it goes into a mason jar. The other plant is The White, and it is also looking great with a ton of trichomes that show up really well in photos.

This particular grow started with Spider Farmer reaching out to us to see if we wanted to review their SF-2000 grow light. The lights we had at the time were mostly of the blurpie variety, you know, the ones with the purple light and the high wattage draw for the light they produce. The SF-2000 was an incredible step up for us and we have loved using it. A few weeks ago, Spider Farmer reached out to us again, this time to sponsor a video series using an SF-2000 grow light in their 2’ x 4’ grow tent. That series is still going, I will put a link in the video description if you want to see those videos.

Fast forward, and we are excited to say that Spider Farmer is going to be the sole grow light sponsor for the channel. We will be replacing the myriad different small grow lights in there with the Spider Farmer SF series. At the moment that will be two of their SF-4000 grow lights, each covering a three-and-a-half-foot square corner of the tent, and another corner covered by two of their SF-2000 lights. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with them like this, as we have had nothing but good experiences with the company so far. The great thing about this sponsorship though is that we will still be telling you exactly how we feel about their products, Spider Farmer has never tried to control what we say about their lights, which is the only reason that we agreed to the sponsorship in the first place.

This means that we are going to be able to bring you folks an unboxing and review of the SF-4000, which is a first for us. That review will give us a chance to make a direct comparison against our previous lights, which will be really interesting. One corner of the tent currently has six of our original blurpie LED lights, that together pull almost 900 watts from the wall. In comparison a single SF-4000 pulls just about half of that amount of power. I am just as curious as you are to see how that comparison turns out, so make sure to tune in for that one.

We will be moving our six outdoor plants from the small tent into the big tent this weekend, to let them grow a lot more in the next three weeks before they go outside. The new lights should give them a big boost before they head out, and then we will fire up the big tent again next fall for our big winter grow. Things are looking really great, and we are super excited to share this journey with you. Use offer code GEEKS on the Spider Farmer website to get a discount on your order.

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