Urban Gardening January 2019 – Starting The Year Off With Gardening!

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Honestly, the garden last year was a mess. Now don’t get me wrong, we did the best we could with the hand that we were dealt, but things did not happen in the order they really should have. We had to get some projects done in the winter that didn’t allow us to really pay any attention to the garden until spring. That meant that when we did get to the projects, they were super rushed as the garden goes in the ground here June First. In the summer Lindsay had her Pulmonary Embolism, I will leave a link to that video if you don’t know what I am talking about, but that really messed with the vegetable side of the garden.

Even with all of that, we did have a garden. It turned out as well as could be expected on the vegetable side, and the medicinal side completely kicked butt. However, this year we are able to work on the garden over the winter to get it ready for the spring, and all of the work is already starting to show. First off in the front of the house, everything looks dead. It is January after all, even if it has been pretty mild here in Eugene.

The little beds by the mail box have all had their remaining vegetation knocked down and laid on top of the bed to mulch. The cloth pots will be getting moved into the back yard soon, and once we build a new bed back there, that dirt will be added into the new bed. In the front yard leaves from the maple tree have been left on top of the dirt to mulch and bring worms up to munch on them. The foam underlayment for the pool is going to stay there for now, though we will be leveling that area before putting the pool up again. The blueberry bushes are looking great and should really explode this year. The magnolias look better than they ever have, but the clematis and passion flower need to be cut back a bit and retrained onto the fence.

In the back yard, the compost pile is looking very full of various cuttings from the garden. The bee hives are both empty unfortunately as the hive died out, but we were able to harvest a couple of gallons of honey from it. The medicinal beds have been layered with the roots and branches from the plants that were in the beds, straw from the chicken coop and then topped off with a layer of maple leaves. This again is to bring the worms up into the beds to do what they do best. The plastic has been taken down from most of the overhead structure, other than a strip along the house.

Looking out towards the other side of the back yard, I need to rake up the last of the fallen maple leaves and get them into a garden bed. The little sink on the right is going to get moved, though we aren’t quite sure where yet. The bed behind the fire pit is looking great, though we do need to finish chopping down the last of the dead stalks in that one. We still have a couple of freakish blooms in the large sink, though they will be getting chopped down soon as well. We recently cleaned off the porch and moved the bubbler station onto the other side of the fence, look for a video on setting it up sometime in the future.

Lindsay soaked in her tub the other night for the first time this winter, and really enjoyed it. The worm bin lids are working great, so much better than the ghetto covering we had on there before. The matt on the trampoline is going to need a bit of repair before summer starts, and I also want to put up a video showing how we keep our trampoline from flying away in the 50 to 70 mile an hour winds we have had this winter. I also want to get some bricks under the BBQ this summer, but we will have to see how that works out.

Out by the garden beds you can see the chickens and ducks roaming the yard, and a look at the pond. We cleared out some of the grasses in it, which we have to do every year, or they will overtake the entire thing. The bee hive will be moving over to where the bench is against the fence, and you can see where we have layered on maple leaves on these beds as well.

This is a better look at the pond, we will need to make one more pass thru it before the spring but it is looking pretty good so far. In this bed you can see where all of the grasses and dead pitcher plant material ended up, nothing in our yard really goes into the debris bin anymore as we try to reuse it as a mulch in our beds. There are still beets and scallions to be harvested in the front of this bed, with more of the pond material mulching in the back.

In the little flower bed, things just refuse to die. This will all get chopped down as well, and will be left in this bed to mulch. Over here you can see some chicken butt, and the maple leaves stacked into these beds. Finally, back here, the raspberries are looking great. All of these canes should bear fruit this year, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

That is the garden at this point. We still have more clean up and prep work to do, but we are already well ahead of the curve so far this year. I am really excited to see what this year will bring garden wise, and we have several large projects planned that should make for interesting videos. Have you started working on your garden yet this year? If so we would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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