My Workstation From 16 Months Ago – A Blast From The Past

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I was cleaning up my storage drive and came across this gem from sixteen months ago. When I first started this channel, I was creating videos on our poor underpowered media PC in the living room. After eight months of making that work, I got a screaming deal on a pre-built PC with the intention of splitting it up and selling the parts for a profit, as the mining craze was in full swing and video cards could be sold for enormous profits. However when I actually received the new computer, I decided to start mining with it myself, with the hope that it would be able to pay itself off, leaving me with a new computer essentially for free. I set it up in the corner of the garage with a $25 monitor from Craigslist, and it is the hardware I have used ever since. It did end up paying for itself completely before the bottom fell out of the marketplace, with all of its hardware still intact, and I feel incredibly blessed that it worked out.

What this video is really about however, is just looking at how far this space has come. The walkthrough I did of the space in September of 2018 was a year after this, and it has changed so much. I want to do another walkthrough sometime, but for now it is crazy to just look back and feel gratitude for what I have now. Thanks everyone for coming along on this ride, and helping to make the crazy idea of having a Youtube channel a possibility.

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