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We are going to be popping four seeds this year, Mama Mia, Tangerine Dream, C99 and Critical Kush. The first this we do is soak the seeds overnight. We label a jar for each seed, put in a bit of hydrogen peroxide, and then fill the jar with distilled water. This helps to soften the husk, and speed up the sprouting process. Just make sure that you are putting the proper seed in the right jar, as you want to be able to keep track of your strains. Once you have each seed soaking, set them aside for 12 hours somewhere safe.

After the 12 hours have passed, it is time to get them into some soil. Grab some four inch pots, and label them to match the seeds like we did with the jars. You will need some potting soil, we use Roots Organics Greenfields, and we top that off with a layer of coco coir. Take your four inch pot that has been filled with soil, and put a shallow hole in the center of it. Take one of the seeds that has been soaking, and find which end has a point. They all will, one side will be more pointed than the other. You want to put the seed in the shallow hole point down, and then cover up the seed and hole with a thin layer of the coco coir.

This makes it much easier for the seeds to sprout, and coco never forms a hard crust like soil can. Once that is done add some water, and cover the pot with some cling wrap to keep the humidity in. Do this for all of the seeds, and then set them aside again. We place our four inch pots into a plastic tub, with a seed warming pad underneath that. We also put a thermometer in there, so that we can be sure that the soil doesn’t get too hot. You are looking for a temperature in the 65-75 degree fahrenheit range, lower will slow germination while higher can fry the seed entirely.

With this process, our seeds took three days to pop. They all looked great, and have been taking off ever since. They have been growing below our T5 lights for the last two weeks, and this is what they are looking like. We will be getting the seedling tent set up here soon, so that these ladies can go under the LED’s and really explode their growth. Is anyone else setting up their medicinal grow this year? If so we would love to hear about your plans in the comments below.

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