The growth in the last month has been completely insane. The best part about making these videos is being able to look back and see the differences. This is panning across the grow area this afternoon, now let’s take a look at last month. Whoa, it is hard to believe that these are even the same plants. I had thought that there were looking pretty big before, but let’s see what they look like again now. Yep, that is an absolutely incredible difference.

Looking at the Blue Fire with its tag hiding in the foliage, and it has really filled out. It has probably another eight inches before it starts touching the roof, so we may need to start tying the branches back as flower progresses. Speaking of flower, she is just starting to show her little pre-flower hairs, which means that the stacking should start soon which is pretty exciting.

Next up is the Critical Kush, and she has also popped up a fair amount. She has a lot of branches stretching up thru the second layer of scrog, and flower has started in earnest on this plant. The stacking looks great so far, and the flower development bodes well for a decent early harvest.

The White is still the smallest out of our four plants, but its canopy is coming up out of the second scrog layer pretty evenly, which is nice to see. This one needs thinned out again more than any of the others do, as she is looking quite bushy. This plant is right behind the Critical in the flower department, which is what I really like to see. We prefer all of our plants to finish out at slightly different times,  it just makes harvesting easier when you aren’t rushing to get them all  down at once.

Last but not least is the Zkittlez. This plant is an absolute monster, it will definitely need to be tied back as a couple of the branches are within inches of the roof. After the last video both this and the Blue Fire were heavily topped, but you can’t even tell now. This plant in particular just wants to keep stretching. Flower wise it is very similar to the Blue Fire in that it is barely showing pre flower, which means we will be harvesting it last.

Looking underneath the plants, and you can see where we put all of the green matter that comes off of the plants. It creates a nice protective layer that helps to keep the soil moist, while at the same time breaking down into nutrients for the plants to use for growth. We used to plant Marigolds under our plants, but then we discovered the hard way that they attract spider mites. Now we just mulch around  them, and it is working out pretty great.

Looking out across the yard one more time, and these are definitely the largest plants we have ever grown. How is your garden looking now? Are you experiencing the same kind of growth? Let me know in the comments below as I am super curious to hear about your experiences this summer.

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