You might have heard that Oregon has been burning for the last month, and while we were not in danger of losing everything like so many others , we did have to deal with smoke and ash falling from the sky. With the way that we have our grow area covered it didn’t affect us as much as some other folks, but it was a pretty hard time.

Today though, the sun is mostly shining, the air is clear, and we are happy to be able to be outside. Looking across the grow you might notice that the Blue Fire and Zkittles have continued their domination of the space. Lindsay is still actively tying the Zkittles down to keep it away from the plastic, though it seems to be a losing battle since it won’t stop stretching.

You can probably see the plants moving around, that is because we have added some fans out here. With the rains finally starting, we like to have a lot more air movement to keep the moisture at bay. One of them is an old stand fan that was missing its post, I just mounted it up with an extra 2×4 hanger and it has been working great.

The Critical Kush is the furthest along, and she is looking spectacular. This plant has the best stacking, and all of the flowers are already forming up into some really nice colas. The amount of white hairs is just crazy on this plant, and we are already starting to see trichomes forming on the leaves nearest the flowers.

The White had been in the lead before the Critical jumped ahead, but she is also looking really good. This plant is still the shortest out of the bunch, and still pretty bushy as well. This will be the hardest one to trim up after harvest, the flowers are full of leaves which will need to be taken care of.

The Blue Fire is third in line and is even bigger than the last time we looked out here. It hasn’t quite stretched up to the roof, but it is going to be close with a couple of branches. This plant has some of the best trichome production, which is really great to see this early into flower.

That brings us to the Zkittlez. This plant is an absolute monster and is going to be the last one we harvest. This is probably the largest plant we have ever grown, and as long as warm weather holds we should get one heck of a harvest from this plant. I am happy that we managed to make it thru all the ash and smoke pretty much unscathed, and I feel bad for all of the folks out there that have lost so much.

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