We are five weeks into veg with the Spiderfarmer SF2000, is it as good as I was hoping? Welcome to The Hippie Geeks, lets dig in to this grow update.

Back in October Spiderfarmer reached out and wanted to provide one of their SF2000 grow lights for free, in exchange for an unbiased review. In our first video, link in the description below, we unboxed it and went over our initial impressions. In this week’s video, we are going to look at how it has worked out for us now that we are five weeks into veg. Spoiler warning, it has been fantastic.

With our grows, we always sprout from feminized seeds. I know that a lot of you prefer clones, but for us seeds are the way to go. If you would like to see how we typically sprout our seeds, I will leave a link to that in the description below as well. We sprout under three 24” Sunblaze T5 lights. We find that the light is great for seedlings and you can see our sprouting area here on the kitchen counter. We are currently growing herbs in that area now that the ladies have been move out into the tent, Lindsay uses them too cook with and they will move out into the garden when the weather changes.

We moved the seedlings out into the tent at the one-week mark and placed them under the SF2000. They were a little shocked at the change, which isn’t surprising as the light is strong. You can dim this light, but it means that you need to unscrew the driver from the top of the light and flip it over, remove the rubber plug that covers the voltage screw and use a small screwdriver to adjust it. We left it at stock however, and just started the light at 18” above the plants, and slowly moved it to 12 inches over the next week. The million-dollar question is, how well did the seedlings do?

Well, take a look for yourself. All twelve of these plants spent the last four weeks under the SF2000, at which point it was time to move them into bigger pots and spread them out. We are honestly thrilled with how much growth we have had. This is the largest that we have ever had plants at this point, and we are blown away with how good they look. We have pushed them hard with both light and nutrients, but they have taken it amazingly well and look great.

At this point, there are now only two of the plants directly under the SF2000, with two more getting partial light from it. The light will cover a 2’ by 3’ space in flower, which is how we have our lights spaced out now. We have a variety of other lights in there and moving forward it will be interesting to see the difference in growth between the plants that are fully covered by the SF2000 and the ones that are under the blurpie lights.

So, how do I feel about the Spiderfarmer SF2000 at this point? I love it to be honest. The amount of light that it is pumping out at 200 watts is amazing, and as I mentioned before we have never had this much growth at the five-week mark. We will check in with these plants again in five more weeks, right before we flip over into flower to see if there are any differences in plant development under the different lights.

For those that are interested, we will link all of the hardware we are using in this tent in the description below, well the things that are still for sale anyways. We are running in a 6’ by 6’ by 6’ tent, using a wide mixture of lights, with the SF2000 being the newest and most efficient. We have a 10 inch fan and carbon filter outside of the tent pulling air out from the top of the tent, with another 10 inch fan blowing fresh air in from the bottom. The plants are in 10-gallon Aurora fabric grow pots, with some 17” trays below them. We run Roots Organics soil and nutrients exclusively, we love their products and have always had great results with them. 

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