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We recently decided to empty out the cast iron tub in front of the house that we were using as a flower bed and turn it into a second worm bin. Lindsay moved all of her plants to new homes, and I emptied the dirt into our utility trailer.

Cast iron tubs are heavy, strangely shaped and all around a bit of a pain to move. Two people can move one without much trouble, but what do you do when you have to move one on your own?

The obvious answer is to try something stupid and possibly dangerous, which is the direction I went.

While I cannot in good faith say that this is the best way to move a cast iron tub by yourself, this will definitely work as long as you are careful. The part of this process that has the largest chance of going wrong is when you are pulling the tub towards you when you are transitioning from vertical to horizontal. Take your time, be careful and don’t drop it on your toes!

After you get it horizontal however, it is easy going from there. Once you get it to the new location, unloading it is the reverse, just carefully tip it up, move the wheelbarrow out of the way, and set the tub back down.

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