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Here we are on Day 92, with week fourteen bringing us into the seventh week of flower. This week’s video is brought to you by AC Infinity, but we will talk about that later. I know that it has been a while since we uploaded anything, and if you want to know why make sure to watch the last video that we uploaded going over what is happening here on the channel, and how that is going to change things moving forward. If you missed it I will leave a link to that video in the description down below, and with that said lets take a look at these plants. We are getting super close to harvest now, and I am loving having the different angles that we have set up in the tent now to check on how the flowers are progressing. They are continuing to bulk up and put on more trichomes as the week goes on, and being able to see them from below as well as above is really cool. When the tent is full it can be hard to see under the canopy like this, but with the camera down low and pointed up it has made it really easy to keep track of what it looks like under there and this is something that we will continue to do moving forward. The flowers are really starting to plump up in here though, and the smell is just out of control when we open the tent up to water or pull footage so I am excited to see what they are like when we harvest after a couple more weeks.

You mentioned that you would never let a renter grow cannabis in your house, as you are afraid they would burn the house down. I can definitely see that point of view, as with some older homes power draw can become a real issue if it is not balanced out properly and done right. I am curious though what your thoughts would be on growing it outdoors in a garden? That is honestly more of what I was thinking about anyways when I talked last week about letting tenants grow, in an outdoor garden it is just another plant. It is also nice to see that there may actually be some movement on the federal level when it comes to cannabis, moving it from a schedule one drug to schedule three. I think that it should really be more like a schedule five drug if it is anything, but the any movement on the federal level will be a welcome change.

Next up is day 93, and you had someone watering your plants when you went on holiday, and while they watered some of the plants, they forgot to do your mother plants. That is one of the reasons that I was looking into using Wyze cameras before the move in our tents. Not to record footage like we do for these videos, but more because they are tied into an online service so as long as you have internet you can check in on them once a day or every couple of days just to see how the plants are doing. Well, as long as you have service anyways, if you are out in the boonies you would be out of luck, but with how much cell coverage there is these days you almost always have at least some service. At least with something like that you could have seen them drooping and looking sad, and then called the helper to remind them to water all of the plants. That is also why I have been interested in automatic watering systems, because if you can get something solid and reliable set up then you wouldn’t need to rely on a friend to do the watering at all, which in some cases would be more ideal as people can be flaky.

Day 94 has arrived, and after your plants ended up in the dark for a full day, everything turned out fine and they kept on going without any issues. I am happy to hear that it worked out, and for the most part it does take more than just a single day of darkness to trigger the plant into flower, but it really is just going to depend on the strain and plant as some of them can be more sensitive to the change in light levels than others. It is also going to depend on if they are stressed in other ways, as stress from other issues can make a plant more likely to flip into flower as well. Really though it is amazing just how resilient these plants can be when you are growing them, and knowing that they can bounce back from all kinds of issues has made me a lot more relaxed of a grower now than I was when we first started. Everything on the internet makes it sound like you plants will die if you so much as look at them wrong, but the truth is they are super resilient and are honestly one of the easiest plants to get growing with a decent result. Getting a super large or really frosty harvest is a different story, but even beginning growers should be able to get a harvest from their first grow, even if they make some mistakes along the way.

We have loved using AC Infinity products in past grows, and I am currently using one of their 8” exhaust fans to keep our solar power setup cool. It moves an incredible amount of air whenever I need it to and doesn’t pull a lot of power, which is super important to us. We will also be using their gear in our first full indoor grow here in Hawaii, so watch for those videos to pop up in the future as well. If you want to pick up any AC Infinity gear for yourself, click on the link to their website in the description below, and use code GEEKS at checkout to get ten percent off your entire order.

Following up with Day 95, and you are wondering why you are seeing a difference between the HPS lights that you have used in the past and the KS5000 that you switched to. I have not personally used anything other than LED lights, so I do not have any experience with that switch, but I have talked with other folks that have made that switch and seen something similar to what you are going through. From what I have seen most folks move from HPS to LED because of energy costs and the reduced heat that you get with an LED setup. No matter what the marketing of any of these lights says however, a 1000w HPS is simply just going to put out more power than a 500-watt LED, and there is no way around that one. The LED is going to give you cooler temps and a better light spread across the canopy at a lower hanging height, but when it comes to raw light output directly under the light the HPS is going to win. You will see the light levels get closer when you are looking at some of the larger LED lights that pull in the 800- and 900-watt range, but the smaller lights will struggle to give you that kind of performance. Again, this is just what I have heard from others or read online, and I am sure that if I am wrong someone will let me know in the comments down below.

Getting into Day 96, and you want to do an outdoor grow now that your state has legalized but are a little concerned because you have a county cop that lives behind you. What we have found is that for the most part cops do not give a shit about home grows and will leave you alone, especially in legal states. We have had the cops called on us in the past because a neighbor didn’t like the smell, and the cops just checked in on us to shut them up. Most cops have bigger issues to deal with than a small home grow, and unless your place is way over the legal limit and looks like a commercial grow they probably wont bother you. If you are worried about it though, and if you are on neutral or good terms with them just stop by and talk to them about it. It is pretty amazing what a simple conversation can do to keep anything from becoming an issue in the first place, and they may actually end up wanting to pick you brain and talk about the grow. In our experience any kind of negativity when it comes to cannabis is coming from a place of ignorance, and if you can help to educate the people around you most folks will at the very least leave you alone, even if they do not use cannabis themselves.

Then on Day 97, more of you commented that you really want to see us do a video going over how we set up the trigger points for the Spider Farmer exhaust fan, as you are having issues getting the high and low temp triggers to work. I have to apologize that we still haven’t gotten that video out, as I do have a new fan sitting here in a box ready for me to open up and make a video about. This has been another causality of the things that have been going on behind the scenes here, and we should be able to get to this in the near future. The high and low temp triggers can be a little confusing, at least the last time that I set it up, so we should be able to go thru it all and get things cleared up for you. Again though, if you are wondering what I am talking about with things going on behind the scenes, check out the link in the description to our last video that goes over what has been happening as it relates to content here on Youtube.

After that is Day 98, and speaking of content here on Youtube, you were wondering what the name of the second channel is that we have so that you can check it out. It is Ohia Homestead, and I will leave a link to it in the description to it as well if you want to check it out. I have not been uploading to that channel either, as I just wasn’t sure what was going to be happening with either of the channels moving forward. I will be uploading there again here soon as well, probably with an updated property walkthrough as there have been some pretty massive changes there as well. We finally got the property line marked by a surveyor, as our neighbor decided to chop down a large pine tree that was on our side of the line so that he could chop the top off for a Christmas tree last year. We knew that the line he had marked was wrong, and that spurred us into paying for the survey so that we could make sure he wasn’t going to chop down any other large trees that were on our side of the line. The forests here can take a long time to grow here, and we are not interested in chopping down trees for no real reason.

If you want to check out any gear from AC Infinity for your next grow, make sure to click on the link to their website in the video description down below and use code GEEKS at checkout to get ten percent off your entire order.

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