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Week Nine brings us into the second week of flower, and this plant is really starting to stretch out! Welcome to The Hippie Geeks, let’s dig into this grow series brought to you by Spider Farmer and their SE-5000 bar style grow light, with more on that later.

Here we are on Day 57, and with the growth that we are seeing in the tent I am going to need to move the cameras in here again. This is what typically happens when we hit the stretch, and this plant is no different. It is not jumping up a ton like the last plant did, but this one is really starting to bush out and it is definitely growing more vertically as well. It is also fun to be able to watch the plant suck the water back up out of the tray after a heavy watering, especially when it is sped up like this. As with all of these grows lately, I should probably be in here thinning this plant out, but as per usual I am probably going to put it off way longer than I should. We have always filled our life up more than we probably should, and that means that some things get pushed out further than they should. This especially happens with things that are not actual emergencies, as we do a lot of prioritizing what needs to be done the most urgently, and getting things done in that order. Thinning plants typically gets squeezed into the spare time that we have in between other projects, and I am sure that is what will finally happen here as well.

You were wondering if one of the hanging heights that we had listed in a video was in inches or millimeters, which makes sense as this channel has a lot of international viewers. I have thought about putting the measurements that we show on the screen in metric as well, and if that would be helpful to anyone let me know in the comments down below. As I am in the US all of our measurements that we take are in freedom units, but if it would be helpful, I can also just convert them and put them on screen as well. It is always a balancing act to decide what information to put where, as I don’t mind adding things that folks want, but I also do not want to waste my time on something that no one is going to care about. Let me know if you have an opinion about it one way or the other, and that will help me to figure out what to do moving forward.

Next up is day 58, and you were wondering if the G3000 or SE3000 was better, and specifically which one is newer. We get a lot of questions like this about the differences between the G series and the SE series of lights, which I suppose is pretty obvious as I keep talking about it in this video series. I do with that Spider Farmer made it more clear on their product pages what the differences are, as they look very similar an unless you are digging way down into the specs it is not obvious why there is a price difference. What you are going to see with these two series of lights is that the G series is going to be a little more cost effective, the price difference varies by the model, and the SE series is going to be a bit more energy efficient and will push a bit less heat into your tent. Those are the differences that I have noticed anyways after using lights from both series, and it is going to depend on the person which one is the better value. The G series will get you a ton of light at a lower price point but is going to cost you a little more in electricity each grow, so over time the cost difference will equalize. If you live in a really hot environment the heat may make a difference to you as well, but in that case I would try to run the driver outside of the tent with either light just to keep the heat load in your tent as low as possible.

Day 59 has arrived, and you have been running your exhaust fans and carbon filters vertically and love it. I have run exhaust fans like that in the past as well, and as long as you have the space for it, that setup can work out really well. One of the big things to remember with any system that is moving air or liquids, is that any bends in the path of flow is going to reduce your velocity and increase your noise. If you can run a straight line of ductwork, no matter if it is horizontal or vertical, you are going to be getting the best performance possible from your fan. The length of the ductwork also matters, but not nearly as much as bends in the path. If I were in a house that I was allowed to modify the ceiling and if my grow space had an attic above it, I would actually just run a duct straight up out of the tent and into the attic and leave the fan and filter in the attic as well. That would almost completely remove the noise of the fan from your grow space and leave you with a lot of extra room as well. That is just not an option for most folks however, especially if you are renting. We have tried out a lot of different setups though, and one that we had a lot of success with in our last 6’x6’ grow tent was to set the filters and fans on the floor outside of the tent, with the duct just running up and over into the top. It looked weird, but we had the space, and it left the tent itself completely empty for the plants to fill it up. Really, everyone just has to decide what is going to work best for their space and go with that.

I put the Spider Farmer SE-5000 inside of this 3’x3’ grow tent, as it is going to give me the best coverage possible of the entire grow space. It pulls 480 watts from the wall when it is turned all the way up, and this going to give me tons of light evenly spread across the entire canopy, with great light penetration once the plant is filling the tent up as well. If you want to check out their gear for yourself, make sure to click on the links to their website in the video description down below and use the discount code GEEKS at checkout to get eight percent off your entire order.

Following up with Day 60, and you bought some cheap bubble hash bags that have changed your life and sped up processing considerably for you. We used a set of them for a lot of years when we were harvesting khief from our trim, but we never actually got into making bubble hash as we only used the dry ice method. They really do make it a lot easier to harvest though, especially with the amount of material that you can put through them. Especially compared to the setup that you were using before, that had to have taken you an incredible amount of time, so I am happy to see that you have moved on to something better. Whenever we make a big change like that, where something we buy or fix just makes life so much better, I always find myself wishing that we had just done it sooner. It is super easy to push things like that off, because when you can get it done with what you have, it can be hard to justify the cost of changing. Once you do it however, you wonder how you ever got along without it. We had that happen here on the property with our gate, it was not right when we moved here, but we just kept putting up with it for the first two months. After that I was completely sick of it and spent the time and money to actually fix it right, and then wished that I had done that in the first place. I try to pay attention to things like that more now and try to fix them earlier rather than later.

Getting into Day 61, and you were wondering what percentage the light is set to during flower. This ties in a bit to the previous question, and I have been wondering for a while if I should actually be saying all of this information out loud, instead of putting it on the screen like I have been. At the beginning of all of our grow video I list off the information about plant size, light percentage on the dial and how far the light is from the canopy. I know that more and more folks are watching these videos on phones, or not watching to them at all and just listening to them, so it may be the time to switch over to actually talking about it in the video itself so that those folks can get the info that way was well. What do all of you folks think, should I leave it like it is now with just the info on the screen, should I have it on the screen and talk about it, or should I only talk about it? I am completely open to changing how I do this, I would just like to know what all of you folks think. Let me know in the comments below if you have a preference one way or the other, especially as the folks that make it this far into the video tend to be the ones that are actually trying to use that kind of info. If you don’t care one way or the other you can also let me know that, as it is another good data point to have.

Then in Day 62, after watching an older video you were wondering if we were doing YouTube fill time now. A couple of years ago I really thought that doing YouTube full time was going to be a possibility, and I was aiming towards trying to make that happen. However, one issue popped up that I was not able to get around, and that is the cost of health insurance. We lost our access to the health care that we were using pretty close to the same time as that, and I had to switch over to using the insurance thru my day job. Even though it is costing me nearly $1100 a month to have it for the family, not having insurance just isn’t an option for us and there isn’t a good, viable option that we can get for any cheaper on the private market. Just one of the medications that Lindsay has to take everyday costs nearly $2500 a month without insurance, and that is just a single medication that she is going to be on for the rest of her life. That doesn’t even take into account the costs of random things that pop up, like the appendicitis that I ended up with right after we moved to Hawaii. I haven’t really talked about this one yet really, but the final bills for that procedure ended up being just over $35000 once everything was said and done, and even after insurance my portion that I have to pay is $5000. That is still an awful lot of money, but $5000 is a hell of a lot better than $35000. The American health system is completely screwed up, and just because of the insurance alone I doubt that I will ever be able to actually leave my day job because of insurance costs alone. It’s a bit of a sad realization, but it is what it is and I am just grateful that it is available at all.

After that is Day 63, and a while back we looked at the Humboldt Nutrients line and did a grow with them, and you were able to use our code, which is pretty cool to hear. I always wonder with the sponsorships that we have done in the past that have lapsed if they keep the coupon code working, and it looks like in at least this case it is still working. We liked using those nutrients for sure, and had no complaints at the end of the two grows that I used them on. We ended up switching back to mainly using Roots Organics again after that, with the weird mix of other nutrient lines that we tend to bring in. I still have a bit of the Humbolt left over though and gave it to a friend, and he ended up using it up and continued with them all the way until the present, as far as I know. There are so many nutrients out there that if you aren’t happy with your results or the line in general, you can easily switch off to something else. I am not sure what we are going to do here in Hawaii when I need to start buying nutrients again, though I really need to get over to the Hilo Grow shop and check them out one of these weekends. Maybe once I get our truck fixed and on the road again that can be its celebratory test drive to see if the issues are fixed. Then again, maybe I will just keep it closer to home in case it breaks down again, we will just have to see how I feel about it at that point.

A big thank you to Spider Farmer for sending over the light, tent and exhaust fan for this grow series. If you want to check out their gear for yourself, make sure to click on the links to their website in the video description down below and use the discount code GEEKS at checkout to get eight percent off your entire order.

Another big shoutout goes to our Patrons over on Patreon that have pledged at the Trimmer level. While all of our patrons help keep the channel going, you folks have gone above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.

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