It’s a new year with a new grow. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks, lets dig into the new setup in the 4’x4’ grow tent brought to you by Spider Farmer and their SE7000 grow light.

The first grow of the year is going to be in the same 4’x4’ Spider Farmer tent that we set up in the studio last year. It worked out really well, and to be honest it barely fits out here and I have no interest in trying to set up a different one. There are going to be quite a few changes with the rest of the tent though, starting out with the new light we are going to be using, the Spider Farmer SE-7000 that we just unboxed yesterday. We have done a couple of grows with the SE-5000 before, but this is the first time we will have grown with this one and it is perfect for a 4×4 tent. I will be able to get as much or as little light as I want in here, and the light spread will fill the tent nicely from side to side. As per usual I have it hung pretty close to the ceiling, but not all of the way up as I have the exhaust fan inside of the tent for now, although I may have to move it back outside of the tent later depending on how big the plants in here get.

For the exhaust fan this time, we are trying out the Spider Farmer 6” Exhaust Fan with temperature and humidity controls. This is very similar to the AC Infinity fans you have seen us use in past grows, though it has a slightly different feature set and comes in their black and orange color scheme that has been the default for the last couple of years. We are going down to a single exhaust fan on the tent instead of two of them, though I am using a couple of screened intake filters to help keep light leakage to a minimum from the rest of the studio when the lights are off.

I am still going to be using the GrowTEK controller connected to the WYZE sprinkler system that we used in the last grow as it worked out really well, but it is not something that I can recommend as they unfortunately went out of production a while back.  I really should replace the clear tubing with some black versions to inhibit the algae growth that can happen in the lines, but I will probably not as we are trying to save up for the move later in the year, and the tubes should hold up for another grow even if they are ugly.

I still have the AC infinity oscillating fan in here for now, as I have not found one that I like better, and I already had this one. We have had some questions about the repairs that we wanted to do to the original one that I had, and I just was not able to find the appropriate motor to use in it. The other dev kit fan that we had received failed as well, but this one is one of the retail versions and has made it thru the grow without failing so far, so it appears that they may have actually repaired the issues that the other ones had. I am still looking for a better option with a more robust oscillating motor, but there isn’t a lot out there, especially at the price point this one is still sitting in so we will keep using it for now.

Next up it is time to get the seedlings started in here, which should be pretty fun. I fully intended to sprout three photoperiod plants, but I am an idiot and we will just have to cover that in the sprouting video. Something else that I should probably cover again as I haven’t said it in a while, is that while Spider Farmer is sponsoring this video and the upcoming grow series, they never have any kind of control over what we are saying in these videos. They are happy to have you folks watching us grow with their gear and see what we can do with it, but that is as far as it goes. They never see videos ahead of time, or have any say in what we talk about. This is the kind of sponsorship that you want to see with the creators that you follow, one that enables us to try out new gear and show you how we grow with it, without influencing what is said.

That leads us nicely to the part where I give a big thank you to Spider Farmer for sending this gear over for us to take a look at. If you would like to try any of this gear out for yourself, I will leave a link to it on their website in the description down below. Make sure to use code GEEKS at checkout to get an eight percent discount on your order.

Another big shoutout goes to our Channel Members here on YouTube and Patrons over at Patreon that have pledged at the Trimmer level. While all of our members and patrons help keep the channel going, you folks have gone above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.

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AC Infinity Cloudray S6 oscillating fan:
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