At the end of 2023 we were up on the ridge watching the sun go down, and this footage feels very appropriate for a video talking about endings and beginnings. Things are switching up quite a bit this year, and you may have noticed that we haven’t been uploading for about a month now. To be honest I wasn’t sure if we were going to be uploading again at all. I mentioned things changing behind the scenes in our last video of 2023 and immediately after that video dropped even more things changed for us. The rest of what I am going to be talking about here is not to look for pity or sympathy or anything like that, and at the end of the day we are going to be fine. With that said, let’s get into what happened, and bring you all up to speed with where we are at, and why I was not sure if I was going to upload any videos in the near future.

I think that pretty much everyone knows at this point that we have been able to make this channel work because of sponsorships, and some other side hustles that I have had going on behind the scenes that have made it worthwhile for me to put the twenty to thirty hours per week that I spend on creating content. I have not had to push our Pateron, or ask for donations from you folks, or anything like that and it has been pretty great as it allows us to bring you the content that you want to see, and it has worked like that for the last several years. I was expecting that to continue for the next year as well, as we were well into talks with sponsors about 2024 and things appeared to be on track for things to continue how they had been, with Spider Farmer as the main sponsor of the channel.

In the back of my mind I was never sure that it was going to happen like that though, as I watch and read a lot about what is happening in the world, especially in China and with their economy. Most of the companies that we deal with are based in China, so I knew that things could change, and they did. This isn’t some kind of call out about how we got screwed, as we didn’t. Every sponsor we were dealing with, and side hustles I was working has paid us in full for all of the work that we were under contract for, and it worked out great. However, due to their economic forecasts they are pulling back with sponsorships, and that changed the direction of sponsored content moving forward.

Over the course of about two weeks our upcoming income streams were cut in half, and I am not going to lie, I was pretty depressed for a bit. Then I switched into fix it mode to see what I could do to keep our life going. I went over several, several different scenarios, everything from switching this channel back to content that could be monetized, all the way to not doing YouTube anymore and getting a second and third job. I am already working as many hours as possible at my main job, but there is not enough work there currently for me to make up the difference. After a lot of thought, talking with Lindsay and going back and forth, here is what is going to be happening moving forward.

You will see starting with the next grow update that we are going to be showcasing a wider batch of sponsors, instead of Spider Farmer being the sponsor for the vast majority of our content. The current batch of grows are still using all Spider Farmer gear, but I am actually still using AC Infinity fans to keep our solar equipment cool, and our next indoor grow will possibly be using their full setup. We will know more about that as the time to do it gets closer though. If you click on our link to their website and use the code GEEKS at checkout, we get a percentage of that sale which will help us to bridge the financial gap we are looking at. We are still going to have content sponsored by both companies, but using our links and codes when you go to buy something helps the channel out a lot.

Another thing that you can do to help out with this transition is to join us over on Patreon at any level. The support there will help us to bridge the gap that we find ourselves looking at currently, and you will get to see all of our videos several days early, which some folks really like. The questions and comments asked on the Patreon videos will get priority when it comes to being added to videos, and the vast majority of the monthly price goes directly to us. I know that things are tight for everyone, and if you cannot afford to help us the content will still be going up here for free as well, and I appreciate each and every one of you that watch the videos.

Whatever happens, we are going to continue to move forward as best we can, and making the best videos that we can. I have never reached out to this community for help before, and I wish that I didn’t have to now, but life changes unexpectedly and I am not sure what else to do here. As always, I appreciate each and every one of you that has been a part of this community, in whatever form that is. We will get back to normal content in the next video, with a grow update on the 2×2 tent that is coming up on harvest.

Thanks for watching folks, and we will see you on the next one.

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