I don't know if anyone will even see this, but I have to put it down somewhere. Tecanova has taken over our lives. It started out innocently enough with the sponsorship and the free cameras. The things that they caught on camera were frightening, the people roaming outside our house at night. The other things that they caught on camera. The horrifying, terrifying things.

Can you blame us for giving them more control? For paying for their top tier service? They made the bad men, the bad things,  go away. Then they sent coupons for certain products. Who doesn't love coupons? If we didn't use them though the calls started, asking why we hadn't used them. Badgering us, threatening to cancel our premium service. We needed the cameras, so we bought the drinks and the snacks.

They were laced with something, I know it. Something to make us compliant, something to make the increasing intrusions seem like they were normal. Telling us what to watch on TV. What to eat. Where we should shop. It seemed so natural, so normal. Until this week, when I got sick. I couldn't keep anything down but water, so I didn't have any of …. whatever it is. It was like waking from a dream, and suddenly I was in a nightmare. My family wasn't my family. My wife is telling me that I need to eat something, that I need to record a review for the camera system. They are watching everything, how can I possibly tell the truth in the review video?

I ran, and made it out of the house, to the library. I know they are looking for me. Only to help me my wife said, to get the help I need. She says that I am delirious, that it is the illness talking. But it's not, right? I am not crazy. If you are reading this, please spread the word.

Do not trust Tecanova. Do not trust the system. Do not install their cameras.

They have found me. Save yourself.