If it is cold in your space but you still want to germinate seeds, then this may be for you. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks, lets check out this Heating Mat and controller set from Spider Farmer and see if it is worth your money.

The packaging for this set is pretty simple, everything is just rolled up inside the box. You get the seedling mat, a storage bag and then the temperature controller. This particular mat is the smaller one that measures ten inches by twenty-one inches, but if you need more heating space they have a larger size that is 21” x 48”, which we have also used in the past and worked just as well as this one does.

The setup is pretty simple, with the controller having  a single spot for an ac plug that the heating mat gets plugged into. This is nice because if anything ever happens to the heating mat, you can just replace it with another one and the controller will work just as well with it. The two cables that come out of the controller are for the ac power in, and also a thermal probe so that the controller knows when the target temperature is hit.

The first thing folks are going to want to know is how to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and that is pretty simple though it too me a bit of messing around to double check what was going on. All you have to do is hold the middle button for three seconds to switch it to fahrenheit, or hold the bottom button to switch it over to Celsius, which is pretty easy. Reading and setting the temps is easy as well, and the temp that is shown on the screen when you are just looking at the unit is the temperature that the sensor is currently reading. If you tap the Set button, it will show you what the target temperature is currently set to, and if you want to change the target temp you just need to hold the set button until the temp readout starts flashing. Use the bottom two buttons to shift the target temp up or down, and then once you have it that where you want it, just let it flash for a couple of more second and it will stop flashing, which will let you know that it is ready.

The final thing you need to do is set it up to read the temperature, which was the longest part of this process. You are not supposed to get the sensor wet, so I couldn’t just stuff it in the containers that I was using to sprout my seedlings. What I ended up doing was setting up a fourth seedling container with dirt in it, and just pushed the sensor into that dirt. That way it would simulate the same location in the dirt as the root mass of the seedlings, all while giving it a place to be that wasn’t going to get wet. That worked out great for us, and the seedlings did great.

So is the Spider Farmer Seedling Mat and controller worth your money? If you need to keep your seedlings warm while trying to germinate in the colder months of the year, than this is a great investment. We do not keep out space super warm in the spring, fall or winter, so when we want to pop some new seeds in those times of year we need something like this to make it work. It was really noce to have something that I could just set once and then know that my seedlings were the temperature that I wanted, without having to worry about if they were too cold or too hot, and I would definitely pick this up again.

A big thank you to Spider Farmer for sending over this seedling mat for our use to get the three current seedlings going. If you want to check out their gear for yourself, make sure to click on the links to their website in the video description down below and use the discount code GEEKS at checkout to get eight percent off your entire order.

Spider Farmer Heating Mat With Controller: https://www.spider-farmer.com/products/spider-farmer-10×20-75-seedling-heat-mat-controller-set/
USA(worldwide): https://spider-farmer.com
Canada: https://spiderfarmer.ca
Europe: https://spiderfarmer.eu
UK: https://spiderfarmer.co.uk
Australia: https://spiderfarmer.com.au
Thailand: https://spiderfarmer-th.com
Use code GEEKS at checkout to get 8% off your entire order!!

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